South-West University
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Ivan Mihailov Str.66
GSM: 0877 700 170

Theme: Utilization of solar energy in Southwestern Bulgaria


Contract Number:длс03/1

Project manager:Assist. Prof. Anton Nanev Stoilov, PhD Dept. of"Physics", Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Basic organization:South-West University "Neofit Rilski"

Total Budget:38 000 BGL

Funding: Bulgarian Science Fund

Call: Young Scientists - 2011

Duration: 24 months

Initiated:March 2012


Summary of the project

Although theoretical estimates significant potential of its solar energy use far from the desired level throughout the South-West Bulgaria. As part of this project will be built research network in southwestern Bulgaria to research utilization solar energy. This network is a collection of the required information to evaluate the real potential for recovery solar energy and energy efficiency. The first step in this direction is the establishment of regional meteorological network covering 6 typical region in southwestern Bulgaria, monitoring the basic parameters of the environment. The information collected will be dealt with on this project built a computer calculation Cluster for Energy Planning and Management (KKEPU) which will allow for the creation of accurate energy expertise in the utilization of solar energy. Based conducted by members of the collective analysis and estimates will be build research ground in West University "West University" including a system for photovoltaic conversion system and Photothermal conversion. The track will be the basis for joint training activities between SWU and local business and population. The project is aimed directly at increasing the share of recovery solar energy. Project activities are focused on investing necessary in small-scale infrastructure, which could lead to improving human potential and the quality of life of the region as a whole. Implementing systems for the conversion of solar energy and energy efficiency, which is a direct effect of the implementation this project will reduce the threat of pollution from the use conventional energy sources.